Our Philosophy

A beautiful scent has the power to slow you down and appreciate a single moment in time.


Just the act of pausing to breathe it in makes you slow down, to clear your mind and focus inward. 

Candles have always been a big part of my home life - the way you can create different moods using different scents. I use them as a focal point for how I want the energy in my home to be. 

I want to enable people to create beautiful living spaces through pure, clean scents being supported by simple, modern design. As the scent is the focal point of bringing mindfulness, it has the ability to bring back old memories and start new ones. 

I love creating beautiful candles and hand-pour every single one. I hope you enjoy them. 

Our Story

Founded in 2015 by Sydney-sider, Dee. 

I’m quite fussy about how clear the scent of a candle needs to be. Before starting Samara & Mila I was forever rummaging through shops to try and find candles that were not only beautifully packaged but delivered an amazing scent throughout a space - be it a lounge room, bedroom, bathroom or office.